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For decades, Microsoft .NET has worked successfully in the business world and proved its convenience and reliability. First, it allows building a wide variety of apps suitable for any device and any platform type. Secondly, owned by a big-name company, it inspires confidence in getting corresponding high-level quality. In addition, .NET carries with it.

  • Efficient integrated tools for web, mobile and desktop development.
  • Cloud-ready platform.
  • Support from the robust Microsoft ecosystem (Azure, SQL Server, IIS, AD, Office).
  • Strong and engaged developer community.


With the strong support of Microsoft technologies, our team delivers fast, scalable, and reliable .NET-based web, mobile, IoT, big data, and AI applications of high complexity. Our developers can complement them with trending Azure cloud solutions, ensure engaging, highly interactive JavaScript SPA user experience and easy integration through an enterprise service bus.

Web Applications

.NET Web Application Development

Discover our cross-platform, cross-browser, high-performance, and cloud-ready web applications based on ASP.NET Core and JavaScript/HTML5.

Mobile Applications Front-End

.NET Mobile Application Development

Enjoy spotless UX of quality mobile apps built with Xamarin Forms tools and libraries that run natively on any platform – be it Windows, Android or iOS – and synchronize easily with multiple wearable technologies (Android Wear, Apple Watch, etc.).

Big Data Applications

Big Data Application Development by .NET Technologies

Deliver sophisticated services and make truly informed decisions with .NET big data solutions. The platform allows appealing to the powers of such Azure Big Data components as petabyte-size, cloud-based, and massively scalable Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics. We may optionally complement them with HD Insight clusters set up and configured with core proven Big Data technologies – Hadoop and Spark. Add a wide-spread and trusted SQL Server suite – and here’s a ready full-blown stack of tools for a big data challenge at hand.

Internet Of Things Applications

IOT .NET Applications Development

Leverage processing of streaming data and immediate response delivery with rich .NET real-time functionality, such as Azure IoT Hub/Edge and SignaIR asynchronous server-client communication.

Artificial Intelligence Apps

.NET Artificial Application Development

Enhance your future application with artificial intelligence features, such as image-processing, speech recognition, intelligent search, lead scoring, sentiment analysis, intent analysis, brand representation monitoring.

Applications Backends

.NET Backe End Mobile application Development

Supplement your mobile front end with a reliable .NET back end to ensure the smooth, fast, secure, and scalable work of an application and enable its future integration with third parties (e. g. web apps). Additionally, the use of Azure Mobile Services can bring to your app fast and sufficient cloud storage, built-in authentication to Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and support of push notifications.


Applications Backends

A team of a PM, BAs, architects, developers, and testers will complete every step of the application development process (Discovery & Analysis, Development, and Testing), provide a comprehensive solution and back it up with maintenance and round-the-clock support. We also eagerly cooperate with your BAs and testers to ensure that you get continuous feedback.

We offer the most suitable price models depending on the type of cooperation you choose. T&M price model goes with the complex Agile projects that have both a flexible scope and dynamic requirements, while Fixed Price is intended for Waterfall projects with a defined scale and clear expectations.

One Time Support and Consulting

We provide immediate recommendations on the most advantageous solutions to your technical problems: advise on the right technology mix, identify the system’s bottlenecks, provide an optimal scalability map, etc. Our solid expertise in 10+ domains, such as healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, etc., will help you get the best value from the next IT investments, improve work efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

With a flexible T&M contract, we easily modify the scope of our work and you pay just for what you need.

Easy Migration to .NET

We ensure a smooth migration of your legacy application to help you benefit from the innovative .NET gains.


  • Futile functionality – We closely collaborate with all business stakeholders and thoroughly collect everyone’s expectations from the future solution to ensure its high relevance and real value for the business processes.
  • Middle-project changes – Wisely thought-out architecture enables us to introduce substantial changes in the middle of the project with minimum negative effects.
  • Limited budget – We help you prioritize the features of your future application and use Agile development to deliver a fully functional application, which still can be developed further when the finances allow it.
  • Strict deadlines – We’re prepared to keep deadlines without compromising on the quality of our work even under the most challenging conditions. Mature development processes and right architectural decisions help us achieve the required increase in productivity.




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